Pantaloon Descendo plays nasty songs on a ukulele.

Songs designed to make you laugh.

Songs designed to make you cringe.

Songs you'll love. Or hate.


What kind of music does Pantaloon Descendo play?
We call it naughty folk. But really, it’s all about wrapping lyrically challenging songs in a cozy blanket of seemingly innocent ukulele-based music.

Who is behind Pantaloon Descendo?
It’s a one-man band, run by Sebastien Leduc who also runs The Mustache Club and plays in Sungeist.

Where is Pantaloon Descendo from?
Originally from Montreal, Pantaloon Descendo has been based out of Toronto since 2011, where all PD-related activities now take place.

I like your music, how can I help promote it?
It's simple. In today's digital age, sharing is the most important way you can help.
If you like it, tell others about it. If you like a song or a video, make sure to share it on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Reddit, Instagram, etc.!!! You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes in the end. One person tells another who tells another who tells another...
If you have a Web site and you appreciate Pantaloon Descendo’s art, make sure to add a link to -- in a Google-driven world, links are the key: the more you are linked to you, the higher you end up being ranked in searches.
Every link matters, every share matters.

Do you do commission work?
I'd do anything for money.

I want to use (X) song in a (YouTube/Vimeo video; short film; TV show; feature film; etc.), is it OK?
If you simply want to use the song in a YouTube/Vimeo, please feel free to use it: this represents our express content.
If you want to use (x) song in a short film, TV show, feature film, please contact our record label by contacting them here.