Sometimes, Pantaloon Descendo releases albums.

You may get them on vinyl, on tape.

Or just plain boring mp3s.



Title: 7 inches of bliss
Format: vinyl EP single
Limited to: 100 hand-numbered and hand-drawn copies
Release date: Nov. 15, 2014

Side A: 1. The Candyman
Side B: 1. Zombie Jesus 2. Love Smells

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Title: Welcome to Pussydom!
Format: vinyl EP / K7
Limited to: 400 (vinyl); 100 (K7)
Release date: TBA

1. Welcome to Pussydom!
2. Busty Rachel
3. Filthy Petunia
4. Precious Priscilla
5. Fat Phyllis
6. Old Trixie
7. Cheap Love

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